Sanjeev Suri (Principal)Mr Sanjeev Suri

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Our Vision

  • The purpose is to bring out the creative potential of the seekers of knowledge to its full bloom and help them to acquire a human temper in the thought and action.
  • Comprehensive education for holistic development of individual personality with a humane touch and global outlook.
  • A non judgmental environment which nurtures, motivates and stimulates development of mind.
  • An emphasis on essential life skills including social, research, innovation, communication and self-management skills.
  • We appreciate that each learner’s mind is unique and needs to be nurtured with care.
  • Our curriculum caters to the individual needs of budding scientists, industrialists, players and artists.
  • The sense of initiative and self-confidence is kindled and encouraged to help them grow up as hard working individuals and responsible citizens.

Our Mission

At the Rising Star school students are encouraged to learn and value

Self - discipline • Tolerance for different religions

• Multiculturalism • Love for the country

• Morality  • Preservation of Environment

• Global Perspective

In short school is based upon the sound principles of: Discipline, continuous development and high academic standards.

With this radical mission, we are committed to infuse such education and culture into the minds of kids which will make them an ideal citizen of tomorrow.


RISING STAR SCHOOL believes that every student on its campus must be exposed to the best learning opportunities and be surrounded with the latest learning pedagogies. Thus we IGNITE their minds to become skillful and confident which will further EMPOWER these students to be successful in life and ACHIEVE high standards in whatever they may choose to do.

The Aims

The aims of RISING STARS are to enable them:

    • To develop self-awareness, appositive self-image and the confidence to take advantage of opportunities to develop their own talents and personalities.
    • To develop lively and enquiring minds, the ability to question and reason, to solve problems in an imaginative way.
    • To develop the skills necessary to work confidently and sensitively in all collaboration with other students.
    • To acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for successful & respectable life.
    • To acquire a reasoned set of attitudes, to respect and tolerate other races, religions and ways of life.
    • To understand the social, economic, political, scientific and technological issues that we face in life, the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
    • To promote their own good health and physical development.
    • To heighten their awareness and understanding of the environmental issues.
    • To enter into a positive partnership with parents/careers based on mutual trust and respect.

These aims are built on the following principles:

    • Teacher-student relationships established upon mutual respect.
    • The provision of a friendly environment, both in and out of class, which is stimulating, purposeful, caring & supportive.
    • Equal opportunities for all.
    • The provision of a variety of learning experiences that are interesting, challenging and differentiated to meet the needs of all students.

The provision of opportunities for students to work independently and at times co-operatively with their peers.