Sanjeev Suri (Principal)Mr Sanjeev Suri

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To enable the students to imbibe the qualities of leadership, management, maintenance of discipline, co-operation & to aware about the history of Chamba , they are divided into four houses:

Raja Bhuri Singh House

Raja Sahil Verman House

Rani Sunayna House

Rani Champawati House

Each House functions under the overall care and guidance of an Incharge, aided and assisted by other colleagues. It is a structured community within which students develop the feelings of loyalty, responsibility and leadership. the houses compete in a wide variety of fields like dance, music, debates etc. In fact, these activities test the students and encourage them to exploit their hidden talents.

The agenda for the house activities is chalked out by the Perfect of the house under the advice of the Incharge of various activities & overall House Master. Thus, the learners get a taste in the art of governance.

Activity Hour in timetable of every Saturday is reserved for inter & intra house competitions & activities