Sanjeev Suri (Principal)Mr Sanjeev Suri

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Parents & Visitors... Please Note

    • Respect the needs and rights of other members of the school community.
    • Parents/Guardians must arrange to pick-up their wards in time. The school cannot be held responsible for the safety of the pupil after school hours.
    • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to visit teachers in the classes. The Principal/School Incharge should be contacted for arranging a meeting or for any clarification. Parent-Teacher Meeting will be held in every Second Saturday of the month with prior notice.
    • In case of urgency, the parents can call to school office or contact with school teachers up to half hour after off.
    • Criticism of teachers or the school in the presence of the students must be avoided.
    • Legitimate complaints should be brought to the attention of the Principal without delay.
    • Refrain from using offensive language in or near school.
    • Refrain from any form of harassment or haranguing directed at staff members, other parents or children in/around the school premises and on telephone.
    • Refrain from violence or other aggressive behaviors when dealing with any member of staff or community.
    • Utilize correct protocols for grievances and suggestions and refrain from malicious gossip or any activity that may undermine the stability of the school community.
    • Respect teachers’ and board member’ right to privacy over their personal lives.