Sanjeev Suri (Principal)Mr Sanjeev Suri

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Leave Rules

    1. Grant of leave is entirely up to the principal of the school.
    2. A student should apply for the leave from the school when it is absolutely necessary on the printed form available from school office or from respective class teacher.
    3. Nature and reason of leave and days on which it is required must be stated clearly in the leave form endorsed by father/guardian of the student.
    4. No leave of absence is given without a previous application in writing from the guardian. No half day or short leave is provisioned. In case of emergency leave must be sanctioned before one day.
    5. In case of long serious illness or any accident, the principal must be informed by the parents of the wards along with a medical certificate on the day of its occurrence.
    6. If a pupil falls ill during the school day and is considered unfit to continue lessons, parents will be contacted and an arrangement made for the pupil concerned to go home.
    7. If a parent suspects that their child has an infectious illness s/he should not attend school until ‘cleared’ to do so by a General Practitioner.
    8. In the case of an accident requiring urgent medical attention, if parents cannot be contacted, the school will act in the best interests of the child.